Shop Policies


Shop Policies


In the rare case we sent you the wrong product we will fully cover shipment back to use and send you the correct item at no additional cost. 

Please read all bag specifications, material, dimensions and features before purchasing an item. We will not refund money because a bag was bigger, smaller or different than you expected BUT we will do our best to get a product to you that will work. If a bag will not work for your application etc and you want a different one.Let us know within 7 days of receiving item and we will work to get another one sent your way. 

If you need to ship a product back for repair we ask that you pay for shipping back to use and we will cover the rest!


Vonz Thread Works products are under a three year warranty. Product warranty covers items that were damaged do to normal use. If the item is repairable then all we ask is that you pay to have it shipped back. We will stride to have your bag shipped back to you within a week but please allow for 2-4 weeks. If it comes back in condition that is beyond repair from normal use we will ship a new product to you of equal value.